Friday, March 6, 2009

funky stuff to buy - birds

So I've not been very good about posting and figured since I have a ton of webpages bookmarked that are things I would love to own or find totally inspiring or intriguing so a good way to be more consistent is to post some of those and spread the word about other amazing things. At craft shows I always do an excellent job promoting other peoples creations so why not extend that in to the virtual world.

Birds are my favourite so here's a selection of my finds:

Geninne is an etsy shop that has gorgeous watercolours of birds and She also has a blog

Modern Bird Jewelry ~Metalsmithing by Laura Flavin makes amazing bird jewellery and more!

Mama Bird and Baby Bird in the Nest necklace

Kris for Calligraphy has come great magnets and she is a professional calligrapher.
Check out her blog here and her etsy store here

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