Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cats & Dogs

Part of the fun of making cards is trying out new ideas... since I know there are so many dog and cat lovers out there I figured I would give them a "wordle" try... here are the results -

Fawn & Forest (found via Designsponge!)

Such a fun find - Thanks to Designsponge (which if you've not checked out by now... get on it ... it's freaking fantastic)' s spotlight on Fawn & Forest. This pic of their home intrigued using Cork circle trivets on the wall as floating display boards on the wall.

It lead me to their online store which has been added to the list of things that make me want to have disposable income (as a prospective grad student... it's going to be a visual relationship for the moment!)

I love this owl decal

these fabric strawberries by Sian Keegan

They have a blog that even includes a recipe for minty pea pops...see it to believe it!!! A definite experiment for kids who like chocolate mint and for parents who need to sneak peas into the diet.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Eye candy and My next show

The joys of meditating with Paper is that I end up surfing the web and finding lots of fun things. I am going to assume that this will increase when I start my Masters in the fall... I excel at procrastination strategies!

So an interest site I discovered via my stats on my flickr page is FlickrLeech. You find a display of tons of amazing pictures from flickr!

More info about it is here . Another perfect way to distract - a library of tons the eye candy for the visual junkie.

ALSO I have a sale on this Saturday June 21 - the Big on Bloor Festival

I'll be selling my cards at Bloor St. West and Crawford
from 1:00pm till 5:30 - 6:00 pm.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Things to check out

Things have been BuSy lately! I've landed my cards in two stores, got to take part in the Sassy Little Craft show, heard from the UofT that I've been accepted into the Masters program in Information Studies! Yup June's been good to me so far.

I'm still on such a learning curve with the whole blog thing and now I'm learning more about the trading links and such. So here are 3 for you to enjoy!


My friend Benita is really creative... she not designs amazing clothes and bags from her label, House of Hsueh.

Benita also has just launched a line of cute wedge shaped toys - We Are Wedges. Her website stories are hysterically funny and Squido is my favourite.

The Wedges can be bought via her etsy store

Jana of Serendipity Collections has an etsy store that I found while looking at all the wares in the paper categories.

I liked her big mouth card.

She also has a blog .


Megan of Sweet Clothing Designs was the first person to contact me about my cards from just finding me online... her recycled t-shirts are so fun.

Her blog can be found here