Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sassy Little Craft Show! This Saturday night

Well, this was definitely a week where I wasn't sad about the lack of temp work because I've been busily working on my stock for the Sassy Little Spring Craft Show!

This Saturday from 7pm till 12:30 at the Victory Cafe (1 block south & east of Bathurst and Bloor on Markham)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

St. Clair Art Walk Fundraiser - May 22

I've been experimenting with paper collage on canvas and it all stemmed from wanting to donate something for the St. Clair Art Walk Annual Fundraiser. I've submitted two pieces (one as a donation and the other one for the art sale).

This piece is going into the donations group.

This piece is called Forget Me Not and I've submitted it for the sale component!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

oh the internet

so rather than checking my email every thirty seconds for a mini break from the data entry "paper meditation" work I have today, I figured I'd just post somethings I've found that I like.

There are festivals for everything it seems!

I was just chatting with someone at lunch and she mentioned a festival that is focused on rolling wheels of cheese down hills. Initially I thought it would be somewhere in Switzerland but of course it's the crazy brits who have the festival -

They even have a countdown to the first races that are in 10 days... so if anyone is in Gloucester it would be something to check out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

new experiment

A while back, I went to the monthly stitch and bitch at the Workroom on far queen West. I came straight from work and realized that I forgotten my card stuff at home so I had arrived with a glue stick, card stock and an old magazine. I had heard so much about how paper can dull scissors so you should keep ones you use for fabric separate from anything that you use for paper. So instead of asking to borrow some, I tried out the tried and true technique of ripping paper. I don't think that i"ve done it since I was a kid... but I have to say that it turned out quite well!

Great news for my cards!

I am so very excited. I've been approached by two stores to sell my cards! It's kind of crazy especially since I have the Sassy Little Craft Show (7pm to midnight, Victory Cafe just SE of Bloor and Bathurst) on May 31st. So I'm carrying around my card stuff everywhere... just trying to squeeze it in when I can.

My cards are already at the Fresh Collective on Queen West. It's a collective of designers that I've admired for so long in Toronto!

and soon they will be in the brand spanking new store in Kitchener - Rare Funk

So that's my happy news... now on to card making till the end of the month!