Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm a Truant from my blog but it's school's fault!

I've been quite the no show but heading back to school has been a bit of a crazy ride so this blog has unfortunately gotten pushed to the side for a bit.

And I'm lucky enough to have been invited by Jenn of
Toronto Craft Alert to help with the posting on the site so that is the blog that's been getting my attention as of late.... definitely check it out since there are always new events coming in left right and centre.

Check out Robot A Day

Erin of Anatomy of a Skirt has come up with a great new project. From Mon to Fri, she creates and posts a different version of her robot pouches. She adapts them to a completely new style every day (mermaids, ninjas) Most robots have a limited run (usually 5 to 10 sometimes a bit more so they get bought up fast)