Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My love of all things library... well the Toronto Public System

It seems only fitting that I'm going into Information Studies (modern day library studies) since I am one of the public libraries' biggest fans. My brothers also fall under that category as well but funnily enough I don't remember going to the library with my mum really - but she was a law librarian. Yay Audrey.

I'm a big user of the hold system - request a movie, cd or book and it eventually appears at the branch of your choice. I tend to have my holds at the maxed out level - 50 things!

Recently I've been doing searches for books on making cards, collage, paper art, embroidering, small business, design, story books of illustrators I like and general craft/arts books... with the occasional cookbook. Really I would just like to go out and buy all the books and keep them but at the moment the cost and space requirements are not viable.

So here are some of the books that I've really enjoyed:

Collage unleashed : paint-bind-stitch-play
By: Bautista, Traci.

The impatient embroiderer
By: Emerson, Jayne.

What do you do with a tail like this?
By: Jenkins, Steve

Alter this! : radical ideas for transforming books into art
By: Hennessy, Alena

The crafter culture handbook
By: Spencer, Amy,

The crafter's companion : [tips, tales and patterns from a community of creative minds
By: Torborg, Anna.

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