Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wedding Cardage

I've been working on a fair bit of custom cardage lately and I've been loving it. A friend's wedding is coming up and her mum asked me to make a card for the bride and another that would be for a gift that was left to her by her grandmother. I'm pretty excited about showing her what I came up with tonight!

The bride and groom from behind... the gauze paper for the veil and train aren't completely attached so they can flutter a bit for some texture.

This bride has actual dried flowers for her bouquet. My mum is the sweetest and dries flowers for me up north where my folks have retired. I don't think my super would appreciate me knicking flowers from the front of my apartment building!

This is the card that I made for the grandmother's gift. You can see the interior message just below.

My card business actually stemmed from so many weddings hitting me at once and being a temp so it was a great way to give something personal and save on costs.

Some others:

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