Friday, February 15, 2008

this blogging business

Well, after a long respose... I have been dipping back into my voyeuristic blog surfing collection and it got me thinking about this blog and how I've not really done anything with it.

Some people have blogs as an outlet for their thoughts and other for their likes and dislikes. I will admit I"m more drawn to blogs with photos but I like getting insight into the blogger as well.

I think that there is also a part of satisfaction in sharing your thoughts and opinions with with the cyber universe and bit by bit I have to let go of the wondering if anyone is out there glancing at this... friends or otherwise... and just enjoy it for myself.

Also I've fallen lax on taking photos and I think posting that kind of thing would greatly help... cuz I like pictures and then its always easier to write with an image in mind - at least for me.

So I will have to see where this cyber experience takes me and hopefully it won't consist of me saying "Ah, haven't done this in a while"

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